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 Jem Dolls and Junk Wanted

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PostSubject: Jem Dolls and Junk Wanted   Mon May 05, 2008 2:39 pm

Looking for Jem and the Hologram dolls and clothes. Also barbie clothes and shoes. Still looking for a water dispenser, the kind you put large jugs in. Tried of all those gallons jugs. No luck at West Lafayette, hope maybe at conesville yard sales. I also an always looking for show clothes, plus size. Beaded or sequin gowns. Also looking for chief unforms, I need a black jacket size xx3. Square dance dresses, or western outfits. Also always up to buying cdg's that I don't have. Looking for the movie Body Heat, and JFK on DVD. Also looking for the movie Hot Spell, it's a old movie, would be on VHS.
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PostSubject: Re: Jem Dolls and Junk Wanted   Tue May 06, 2008 3:11 am

chief uniforms or do you mean chef uniforms.......if it's chef.try prices are good.

over in columbus there is a thrift store on the east side off livingston, they did/or still have very nice clothing, senior moment, I think it called thrift america. also the salvation army store on 161 near Morse.
Its hard to find plus size sequin clothes but I have seen some down here.its mostly those size 5 or less chicks.
The best time is the larger stores after the holidays.....I got a sequined sress that was over $100, for 11$, I will look for you.
There a thrift store in P'cola I'll check for you when I get moved back there, they used to get in lots of formal wear, and most not over $25, they used to have color of the tag day sales, and if that hits you get 50% off.
email me privately the sizes you need.
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Jem Dolls and Junk Wanted
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