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 Repeat After Me (Some pithy Observations from Clyde Wilson)

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PostSubject: Repeat After Me (Some pithy Observations from Clyde Wilson)   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:30 pm

Repeat After Me
by Clyde N. Wilson

People of good will urge that we need a national debate on such issues as immigration and bank bailouts. Yes, that is true. But you must understand that the nature and function of the Democratic and Republican parties is to PREVENT there being any real discussion of issues, to make sure that the people have no input that might upset the power-holders. The parties have to be broken up first before any real issue can be addressed.

I am not opposed to Obama as president because he is part African. Just being from Illinois is enough for me.

I donít advocate bailing out anybody, but it is curious that our rulers will bail out immensely wealthy people who speculate in pieces of paper and not people who actually make things.

If our ruling spokespersons really believe that Americans are ďan indispensable people,Ē then why are they replacing us with foreigners?

How our Congresspersons like to argue about how to spend money that they donít have and does not even exist yet!

I donít know about you, but unlike all the people who now claim they were honestly misled, I never believed Iraq had anything to do with 9/11.

Call me backward and provincial, but I donít see why my Southern city needs an ice hockey stadium and team, especially with taxpayer subsidy.

It cannot be repeated too often that the purpose of politically correct censorship is to punish people who tell the truth; p.c. is perfectly happy with liars.

This cannot be repeated too often as the usual bunch of ďconservative leadersĒ bother their heads about how to redirect the Republican party. Repeat after me: The Republican Party and conservatism are not the same thing. They never have been. They are not now. They never will be.
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Repeat After Me (Some pithy Observations from Clyde Wilson)
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