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 cap and trade tax

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PostSubject: cap and trade tax   Thu May 14, 2009 2:37 pm

Cap-and-trade energy tax could be the biggest tax increase in the history of this country. From what I have been reading electic bills may increase by 50%. I know that in our last bill they said it will be going up due to the cap and trade. What is your bill saying about the cap and trade?

This may be a start of the carbon tax that will eat into your wallets. Wallets that are being empty out with higher taxes, job loss, and high price tags on everything you buy. The middle class is disappearing.

We need to start planning now how we can use less power.

Some of the things we are doing.

Hang a clothes line.
Bought a inside drying rack.
Buying food that does not take as long to cook.
Using my crook pot and bread maker more and my oven less.
Make home make pizza in a electric skillet and not in the oven.
Bought a used small toaster oven.
Using my air conductioner only in our bedroom, and not putting one in the kitchen window this summer.
Hubby made a window screen for our bay window where the air would have been put in.
Running the dish washer only once a day.
Washing only full loads.
Turning off the pc at night. And turning off the TV when we are not watching it.

Any others you can think of? Or planning on doing to save power.
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cap and trade tax
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