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 More Taxes!

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PostSubject: More Taxes!   Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:11 pm

Today's news they want to tax, soda, wine and beer, a life style tax. To help with health care cost. My diet soda is very dear to me. The cost of soda keeps going higher and now they want to add another tax to it. They have taxed my bags of tabbaco so I can no longer buy it. Now they are after my diet soda. And are talking about taxing other food that the government feels are bad for you.

I also heard that they are trying to come up with a way to get taxes from people who have yard sales. You might have to get a paid permit to run a yard sale.

Also on the news I had heard where they want people who ride bikes to have a paid license to ride on streets!

They are adding, a VAT tax, a carbon tax, and a cap and trade tax. Just what in the hell will this stop?

Here in Coshocton they are pulling over more and more people with seat belt tickets. Trying to get more money out of the people. A law that is inconsistutional. It's my car, I paid for it, and it's my right if I don't us a seat belt, it's my choice. It only hurts me, not anyone else. Not sure why people don't have to wear a helmet, and I have to wear a seat belt. More nanny state BS! The ticket took the last 80.00 of my money for the rest of the month.

If this keeps up we going to give 70or more % of our money to the government.

Here in Coshocton they want more levies. for a new school, and a new jail. Our kids will be going to a new school, our drug dealers will be housed in a new jail while the rest of us will be living in tents along the river banks with no smokes, no diet pop and no little debbie cakes. LOL

Anyone got a tent for sale? Oh that's right, you will need to buy a permit before you can sale that tent to me at your yard sale!

Because you know they will get a new school and a new jail. People will vote yes, yes, yes, and pay, pay, pay.
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PostSubject: Re: More Taxes!   Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:39 pm

I don't see an end to the taxing. It just makes me sick.
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More Taxes!
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