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 Ohio Governor Proposes Slashing Public Library Funding

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PostSubject: Ohio Governor Proposes Slashing Public Library Funding   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:33 pm

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has proposed cutting Ohio Public Library Fund by a jaw dropping $227,000,000 in his biennium budget. This could possibly cause the closure of many libraries relying solely on state support. Ohio is home to many of the nations highest ranked and rated public libraries.

I picked up a few things the other day at our library and they gave me some info and numbers to call, if this passes the library in West Lafayette my have to be closed, and the bookmoble. And the Library my have limited hours to be open. It's sad because a lot of people like me use the Library, and where else can people get movies for free that are having trouble making ends meet?

My take on it, what better way to stop the flow of information to the people. I hope people will stop by the library and get the list of people to call and help save our library's!
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Ohio Governor Proposes Slashing Public Library Funding
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