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 The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization; etc.(Banned in Newark!)

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PostSubject: The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization; etc.(Banned in Newark!)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:35 pm

This article was deleted a day or so after I'd posted it over at the Newark Advocate. The liberal Multi-Cultis must have orchestrated a serious campaign after their abject and utter defeat when they attempted to debate this subject and justify anti-white discrimination. If the liberals are going to force a colorblind society down our throats then it at least needs to be colorblind instead of just a blind for anti-white discrimination. Whites need to call them on it, stand up and hit back. ~Nazgul

A California Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For Its Efforts To Enlighten Americans About The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization; etc.
From: Carole Cummings (e-mail her)

Re: Saturday Forum: An Angry Chicago Reader Says America’s Top Universities Shut His Daughter Out Because She’s White

I was not impressed by letter writer Sanchez's daughter Jane and her 3.94 GPA. And I’m not surprised by the rejections she received from the Ivy League colleges.

Here in California, my situation is much worse.

My daughter “Susan” is graduated this week from a very competitive majority White/Asian high school. Her GPA is 4.64 and she received high scores on her SAT and ACT tests--scoring in the 99th percentile on some of the sections. She also garnered scores of fives on her AP exams, including calculus, and biology.

This was not good enough---every Ivy League school she applied to rejected her---not wait-listed but flat out rejected.

And yes, Susan cried a flood of tears. What do I tell my beautiful 18-year old daughter who has spent her life hunkered over books (she actually enjoys this)?

I opted to tell her the truth---that because she has white skin, she must stand aside as minorities who are not as capable or didn't study as hard are selected because they don't have white skin? The sooner Susan learns how unfairly things now work in America, the easier, less frustrating her life will be.

To make matters worse, because of her grades and test scores my daughter was in place to be Salutatorian.

But abruptly, two weeks ago, the Hispanic principal decided to switch my daughter to third place (no speech, no special honors), because the next highest-scoring student “took an extra class” and therefore deserved to be bumped ahead of Susan.

Of course, principal’s pet is half-Hispanic with a Hispanic surname. The cowardly principal didn't have the guts to tell my daughter in person about the arbitrary change; Susan learned from a fellow student.

When she arrived home, Susan had what can only be described as a nuclear meltdown. I feared that we would have to take her to the hospital for sedation.

The principal didn’t return our calls until my husband finally reached him at his office. In the end, we could do nothing. Obviously, there are no white advocacy groups that I can turn to as would a Hispanic or black.

These are the kids who are being tossed aside by the hostile elites who control our government.

Susan will go to UC Berkeley in the fall. But the falsely promoted half-Hispanic girl got a full ride to Harvard including travel, living expenses and pocket money including travel and living expenses and walk around money each month.

It is no wonder whites are angry, furious at the injustices done to them--Kevin MacDonald writes that it is revenge for mistreatment in Europe. And as MacDonald further explains, hostile elites consider all whites as guilty, even those like me whose relatives died fighting the Nazis in WWII.

And again, thanks to VDARE.COM for publishing articles by Professor MacDonald, Richard Lynn, and Jared Taylor.

I know you publish these so called controversial writers at great personal risk, but theirs are critical voices in understanding the injustices heaped on Western Civilization and the whites that created it. salutes and thanks reader Philip Sanchez for very courageously, in the midst of massive family distress, offering his own particular example of white dispossession at the Ivy Leagues. It has exposed him to much vilification in the blogosphere, as Patrick Cleburne has discussed. Carole Cummings, who is really on the same page - and whose contribution is welcomed - could also have offered more compassion.
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PostSubject: Re: The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization; etc.(Banned in Newark!)   Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:01 am

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The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization; etc.(Banned in Newark!)
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