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 On the war path with TLC!

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PostSubject: On the war path with TLC!   Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:25 am

I watch a lot of TLC and I don't know why but today it really got to me to watch a show called, multitude of multiples, the show itself was okay it was about what 3 families went through when they found out they was having more then one or two babies, the mexican couple really pissed me off, the man made the comment that 'when she goes into the room and says it's time for soup (meaning a bottle) they act like they know what we are talking about'... okay why did this get to me? maybe cuz he's talking about his kids like they are freakin dogs? Then the mother made the comment to her oldest child who was probley around 10 years old told him that mom and dad are your best friend and the 6 babies are their own group! okay WRONG bitch don't do this to your children! ugg.. you know one of these days one of those 6 babies are going to see this program and say mom and dad didn't like us and go on a killing spree! (not really but how would you feel if you seen that on tv said about you when you was little?) Jon and Kate was my fav show till they split up it's bull shit what they put those children through, today Jon was on some news channel talking about how kate took his wedding band and how she was so mean to him.. bluh bluh bluh... when a marriage breaks up things are said, but damn go on tv and spill your guts again so your children can see how childish their parents are? get a life!!! Oh and my mom's mom and dad had 10 kids where was their show?

another program I have a freakin hard time with is little people, big world... know what big woop! those people are no differnt then you or me? why do they get their own show? cuz they are different! not to me my Grandfather is not even 5 foot tall and guess what who cares I love him just like he was 6 ft tall! Then to see them fight that's all that couple does is fight... if i wanted to see this I would watch OCC paul and pauly are the best when it comes to fight but at least they say what they mean.. I guess it's cuz I was raised around 'little' people that I just can't see the hipe in all this crap. Oh and it's so amazing that they have 'normal' size children? my dad and my two aunts are normal size and did I forget to say that my brothers and I are 'normal' size and my nephew oh and my cousin is over 6 feet.. now there is a story little 4ft 8in man has 6ft 2in grandson! ugg.. okay I'm just about done venting!
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PostSubject: Re: On the war path with TLC!   Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:17 am

Jon and Kate was a cute show but we only watched a few shows. All those kids .... I'd be insane! I heard Jons interview or at least the parts the media is running wild with. Ouch! I feel bad for the kids. They will eventually see all this negative stuff and have to deal with it. The little folks were interesting to watch because I loved their farm! Then I lost interest in the show. Last show I saw the house was a huge monster and it looked like everyone hated everyone else. I have a cousin that is small. She's no different than anyone else but she's cute as the dickens! She's proportioned right not like the folks on the tv show.

I missed the show about the multiples. It does sound like one that would tick me off though. I've been trying to watch a show called Mantracker when it comes on. I can't remember the channel but its a blast to watch! And since we live near a forested area I like to think I could use some of his techniques if the kids roam into the woods. I have whistles for them to wear but they might think its fun to hide. affraid
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On the war path with TLC!
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