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 The Irrational Religion of WHITE GUILT:

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PostSubject: The Irrational Religion of WHITE GUILT:   Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:34 pm

"Consider the quasi-spiritual ideologies of white guilt, black nobility, and Judeo-philia–aka philosemitism. They are the pillars of what passes for modern leftist view of justice and socio-political agenda. But, what do they have to do with reason? What is rational about the notion that what happened to a one people at the hands of another people should forever define and shape our views of their goodness or evil for all eternity?
Also, what is rational about saying what happened at a particular time in human history was ENTIRELY bad and deserving of eternal apologies from the descendants or racial cousins of the perpetrators. Take American slavery for example. It’s true that mostly Anglo-Americans in the South practiced this institution. But, let’s look at the bare facts. Most whites in the South didn’t own slaves. Though slavery is unjust according to modern Western values, people had different assumptions about slavery, serfdom, and different races/peoples in the past. After all, slavery was universal all over the world until the 20th century.
Black Africans, though oppressed as slaves, also made great progress by having been brought into the bosom of a much more advanced civilization.
And, after waves of immigration, the majority of white Americans are not even Anglo-American. Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Greeks, and Russians had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery in America.
If we use our REASON and deal with facts, it’s quite apparent that American slavery was not the worst evil ever committed by man–not even close–, most whites had nothing to do with it, descendants of slave owners after the Civil War didn’t own slaves(and can’t be blamed for what their parents or grandparents had done), and European immigrants who arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries never owned nor profited from slavery.
Given these facts and relying on reason, how can anyone perpetuate the ideology of white guilt as a progressive, rational, and scientific idea? It is something that must be taken on FAITH. It is an idea that bestows eternal victimhood/nobility or wickedness/rottenness on entire groups. Thus, Polish Americans are expected to share in White Guilt though they arrived decades after the American Civil War and though they suffered tragic histories of their own at the hands of both Western Europe–Napoloeon, Prussia, Nazis, etc–and Eastern Europe, especially in the form of Russia or USSR. So, even Polish-Americans are discriminated by affirmative action. They too must pay the price for American slavery that happened long ago and was carried out by non-Polish whites.
Or, consider the fact that black African immigrants enjoy affirmative action benefits though their ancestors were not slaves in the US. If anything, African immigrants are the descendants of slave masters or slaves in Africa. In addition, US did them a great big favor by letting them in. But, instead of expecting gratitude from the African arrivals, we teach them that they are automatically and eternally noble simply because they are black and because all whites–Greek-Americans, Italian-Americans, Russian-Americans, Polish-Americans, etc–owe them something because they are of the same race as the Anglo-Americans in the ante-bellum South owned black slaves."

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The Irrational Religion of WHITE GUILT:
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